Hi, I’m Raphael.

I design and build things.

These are some of my projects.

Music-reactive Visuals

Generative visuals in p5.js/three.js synced to music for infinikid project

Dragonflyte Flight Computer

Miniature Linux flight computer with cameras for micro-UAVs

Dragonet Multi-core IPC Framework

Pub/sub framework for heterogenous embedded systems

Battman Battery Management System

Custom lithium ion battery management system with balancing and charging

Canopy Cloud Robotics Framework

Cloud communication framework and computing service for ROS

Infinity Brushless Motor Controller

Custom brushless motor controller with field-oriented control

Quadthingy PCB Quadrotor

Miniature quadrotor on single PCB frame with advanced sensors

Formula SAE MY2016

Electric racecar for Formula SAE Electric 2016 competition

Stata Navigation Guidance System

Computer vision system for place recognition in Stata Center

Natural Telepresence Robot

Telepresence robot with phone IMU-synchronized gimbal


PCB Assembly Assistant

PCB assembly assistance using image processing

Electric Longboard

Personal electric longboard with fully custom electronics


Audio synthesizer board with waveform generator and filters

Infinitiny Brushless Motor Controller

Smaller version of Infinity ESC for aerial vehicles

3D Scanner

PennApps project that generates point cloud from real-life object

Capacitive Spot Welder

Custom capacitive spot welder for welding battery tabs


HackGT project to help students find nearby study partners

3D Printed Paddle Boat

3D printed rubber band-powered paddle boat for Maker Faire 2015


Group event scheduling service for professionals and friend groups

FIRST Robotics Competition 2015

Projects from 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition

Lynbrook Robotics Website

Redesign of team website from scratch in PHP

Lynbrook Robotics Videos

Promotional videos for robots and season highlights

FIRST Robotics Competition 2014

Projects from 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition 2013

Projects from 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition 2012

Projects from 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition