Hi, I’m Raphael.

I’m a student at MIT studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
I love to design, build, and program things.


These are the types of things I enjoy working on.

Infinity Brushless ESC

  • PCB design and software for fully custom brushless motor controller
  • STM32 ARM controller with C firmware running on ChibiOS
  • Advanced sensored and sensorless field-oriented control algorithm
  • Various input schemes and USB configuration tool

Battman BMS

  • PCB design and STM32 firmware for custom lithium ion battery management system
  • Functionality for 240W CC/CV charging, cell balancing, voltage monitoring, and current sensing
  • Supports up to 12 cells for small electric vehicle applications

Quadthingy PCB Quadrotor

  • PCB design and flight software for custom miniature quadrotor on single PCB frame
  • C++ software running on STM32 ARM controller to support various sensors and ultra-wide band radio
  • Advanced control and automation algorithms planned

Electric Longboard

  • Personal electric longboard with fully custom electronics
  • 230kV brushless motors with custom designed and waterjetted motor mounts and belt tensioning system, for top speed of 25 mph
  • Uses Infinity ESCs and Battman BMS, with CAN communication

Canopy Cloud Robotics Framework

  • Cloud communication framework and cloud computing service for ROS robots
  • Client and server stack in Python and Go for websockets and Docker containers
  • Web dashboard using Meteor.js JavaScript framework

Infinitiny Brushless ESC

  • Smaller version of Infinity brushless motor controller design
  • Multirotor applications with field-oriented control algorithm
  • Shares firmware and USB configuration tools

Formula SAE MY2016

  • Electric racecar for Formula SAE Electric 2016 competition
  • Charger and main system safety shutdown PCBs designed in Altium
  • C++ software for advanced features like regenerative braking

Natural Telepresence Robot

  • Telepresence robot running ROS on BeagleBone Black, programmed in Python and JavaScript for HackIllinois
  • Phone IMU position sent to and synchronized with 3-axis gimbal
  • Video streamed from robot camera to Google Cardboard

3D Scanner

  • PennApps project that generates point cloud from real-life object
  • Servo for object rotation and two LIDARs for scanning
  • Runs ROS with iterative closest point algorithm, in Python and C++
  • Won Top 10 and “Best Use of Rapid Prototyping” award

Capacitive Spot Welder

  • Capacitive spot welder for welding battery tabs
  • Over 1000 Joules of energy stored in ten 2.7V 100F capacitors in series
  • Custom designed PCBs and machined parts, controlled by Arduino


  • HackGT project to help students find nearby study partners
  • Web interface written in PHP with MySQL database
  • iPhone app for mobile usage and location tracking


  • Group event scheduling service designed for both professionals and friend groups
  • Calculates optimal group event times based on individual schedules
  • Natural language processing for users to describe their schedules

3D Printed Paddle Boat

  • 3D printed rubber band powered paddle boat for competition at Maker Faire 2015
  • Winch drive system for maximizing efficiency from rubber bands
  • Special hull design for improved dynamics
  • First place in 18 and under category

FIRST Robotics Competition 2014

  • Managed development of C++ codebase
  • Redesigned automation framework for modularity and extensibility
  • Wrote control code for all subsystems
  • Implemented hardware and software for automation routines

FIRST Robotics Competition 2015

  • Led 120+ student team to complete all aspects of complex robot in six weeks
  • Designed carriage subsystem of robot to stack totes and containers
  • Developed control loops and autonomous routines including stacking and autonomous mode

Lynbrook Robotics Website

  • Wrote content management system for team website from scratch in PHP with MySQL database
  • Includes team member and event management systems
  • Redesigned website front-end for aesthetics and ease of navigation

Lynbrook Robotics Videos

  • Created nine promotional videos for robots and season highlights
  • Used Adobe After Effects for video editing
  • Designed video logos and animations in Adobe Flash

FIRST Robotics Competition 2013

  • Developed C++ codebase for core robot functionality and auxiliary vision algorithms
  • Implemented sensors and software for automation routines including auto-firing and autonomous mode
  • Computer vision algorithms for tracking field elements

FIRST Robotics Competition 2012

  • Developed vision algorithms in C++ and OpenCV for tracking field elements for automatic alignment to goal
  • Specified hardware for integration into robot assembly


Don’t hesitate to contact me about any of my projects!
I can be reached by email at rapSpamhaelchang1227@gmmailail.com.